Mission Trip with Eastside Foursquare Church 2009 (Part 1)

I was looking at some old photos and realized I have such a fun life. I would like to share with you my experiences with Mission Teams. I was working with my church, Out Home Chapel back in 2009. Eastside Foursquare Church was visiting Foursquare churches in Thailand for a few weeks. We went to do ministry with kids in Pattaya and a slum near my church in Bangkok before heading up North to Mae Sot, Tak province.
I didn’t have a chance to go back to Mae Sot since 2010 so I can’t remember the name of this hotel we always stay at. If I remember it correctly, the name might be “Golden Hill Resort”. This is very nice and cheap place to say, they have a huge bathroom! haha
17 1
The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel then off to Mae Sot Foursquare Church. Beside the church there is a school for Burmese refugee kids called “Elpis Center”. Most of the teachers are from Philippines who are taking care of hundreds of students from nursery and grade 1 to 6.
17 2
The teacher took the team too visit classes and we taught them English lessons for 1 day. The students sung for us and did some dance movement show.
17 317 4
Of course, Mae Sot is the border to Burma. Rim Moei Market is the place where you can shop for souvenirs and snack. I was told that it’s a bad idea buying cigarettes from random people as you can get into trouble at the check spots on the way out of Mae Sot.
17 5

We ended our first full day in Mae Sot by taking the American team to BBQ! Yes, we have to cook for ourselves. There was some kids from Home of Hope (the orphanage) joined us for dinner also.
17 6
I’m trying my very best to recognize all the details from each of my trips. I’ll be back for part 2 soon!

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